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Specialist Areas:

High Net Worth Private Aircraft Owners, Flight Training Units, Maintenance Organizations, Corporate Fleet Management, Commercial Air Operators

Carl Leclerc

Senior Broker

Carl's insurance education started early, as he was born into a family of insurance professionals with a legacy spanning four generations. He grew up surrounded by insurance conversations and immersed in the workings of the industry. This early exposure instilled in Carl a passion for insurance that has only grown stronger over time.

Despite his early exposure to the insurance industry, Carl's career path initially took a detour. He worked at one of the largest Chrysler dealerships in Canada, where he quickly proved his abilities and was promoted to the position of parts manager at just 20 years old. However, his true passion was insurance, and he eventually transitioned into the field, where he has established a highly successful and accomplished career spanning over 25 years.

As a seasoned insurance broker with a background in marketing and problem-solving, Carl was recruited by one of the largest multinational brokerage firms that specialize in aviation insurance. It was during this time that he became even more interested in aviation and was inspired to obtain his pilot license. With his expertise, Carl has insured a wide range of aircraft, from high net worth private aircraft owners to some of the commercial operators and airlines in Canada.

Outside of work, Carl enjoys flying as a certified pilot, boating, scuba diving, and a variety of other outdoor activities.