Let's fix the AMO Insurance problem

We believe Aviation Maintenance Organizations can achieve BETTER RESULTS on their insurance programs.

it's a volatile marketplace  

AMO's contribute to catastrophic aviation insurance claims that have nothing to do with their business. 

AMO's Are misunderstood

The insurance industry does not know the loss ratio of  AMO's within the aviation insurance marketplace.  

THere is No AdvocaCy  

Representation among AMO's is fragmented among several brokers and underwriters across Canada. 

in a hardening aviation insurance market, the perception of risk can be costly and differentiation of your business is critical

Let's build a community

Aviation Maintenance Organizations should be insulated from the negative impact of the industry's poor underwriting profits.

promote superior risks

The claims submitted by Maintenance Organizations are relatively small compared to other segments in the aviation industry.

improve your buying power 

Your business deserves a unified voice that advocates the reality of what your risk represents to insurance companies.  


By answering a few simple questions, you can help us build a better insurance program for Canadian AMO's.